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It's Time to Think About Getting Organized for the New Year

 New winter journal pages help us to get things organized in the new year.

It is time to think about the approaching new year.  If you are like me, you may be a bit overwhelmed with all that still may need to be done in 2010 and with the thought of starting a new year.  Homeschooling will start again shortly as well as planning for winter tasks, activities, and spring needs as well.  What we all may need is some simple organization of our time, talents and tasks.  Thanks to Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle, we offer a nice set of Winter Journal pages to help us get our sights set on moving forward into a new year. 

In this set of twelve landscape styled pages, we can see weeks at a glance, note down birthdays so they are not forgotten, plan our menus, track our learning and reading, plan our curriculum purchases, and more.  This cute winter themed resource brings life and smiles to the tasks that we need to complete. 

Find the link to this set below as well as an add-on two page set with the numbered days of the month for January 2011.

Thanks so much, Michelle, for sharing this goodie with us busy homeschooling mums!!

Click Here to download this set of Winter Journal Pages.
Click Here to download the add-on Journal Calendar set of Pages.
Click Here to see all of Michelle's resources from our website.


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