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We've Saved A Spot Just for You!!

Happy Christmas Eve!!

I thought that I would share this beautiful picture with you that my fellow catechist friend, Lil, took of our church.  I hope it inspires you to attend Mass tonight or tomorrow and perhaps invite someone to go with you and your family.  How about a relative or better yet, how about someone you haven't spoken to in a while - for whatever reason?  Christmas is that one time of the year that we are all invited to come and share in the biggest birthday party there ever was and will be.  Don't be afraid to reach out in kindness to others...the worst thing that will happen is that they will decline your offer.  But imagine, even if they just came to hear the carols sung by the choir, in my case a children's choir, their hearts can still be surrounded and penetrated by our Lord's love.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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