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Forgot to buy the Christmas Gift Tags? Let us Help!

Print out our fun, festive and colourful gift tags and labels for all your gift giving needs.

We haven't bought a Christmas gift tag for the last few years.  We just decided it would be more fun to make our own. 

Okay now for the truth..two Christmases ago we got so much snow that it wasn't worth it to go out to the store and get a few pieces of paper to mark presents.  So out of necessity (that truly is our motto here at That Resource we made some sheets of our own. 

We happily share these cheerful little tags of different sizes and designs with you today. 

All three sheets are contained in one file.  Simply print out on plain or heavier bond paper and cut apart on the lines.  This is something that can be done lightning fast with a cutter or give the kids some cutting practice and let them have fun with it.

Click Here to download these Christmas gift tags now.

The Gifts of the Christ Child

We are so glad that you stopped in today.  Perhaps we should all take a moment to stop and think about the number of presents we exchange this year.  We used to overwhelm our children with gifts in years gone by, but we learned that the less we gave the more they enjoyed our charity and that of others as well.  This time of year can be very difficult for children, and well meaning adults too.  We all feel pulled to materialism during this time of year.  Let us simply remind ourselves and our family that, traditionally speaking, even Jesus got only five presents. And if that was enough for Him, then might we suggest it be enough for us as well.

Are you trying to recount His five children did that too. Our Lord received gold, frankincense, myrrh, a little lamb, and a song on a drum!! :)

Let the truth ring out, read and reflect on 2 Corinthians 9:7.


That Resource Team

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