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Just added - The Decade a Day Spiritual Bouquet is Now Available in Spanish! :)

NEW - Christmas Themed Spiritual Bouquet is now available in Spanish as well as English.

We thought that our readers may really take to this spiritual bouquet which combines prayer, charity and a hot cup of tea as a good Christmas gift.  We were really excited and blessed to have Xhonane from offer to translate this resource for us so that even more families could give the gift of prayer to one another this season. 

We have changed all of the pieces and the booklets as they have been translated into Spanish.  We hope that you find this useful and the perfect gift for that someone on your list.   And don't forget that the Christmas season is still celebrated in Christmastide.  There is no rush to stop celebrating the birth of our Lord or leave his side.  There is no hurry to put away the nativity scene; in fact we keep one of our manger sets out all year round.

Thanks again, Xhonane!!  You can visit her blog here.

Click Here to download De una persona.
Click Here to download De una familia.
Click Here to download En blanco.
Click Here to see our previous post in English with assembly pictures.

Blessings for a relaxing week of preparation for the nativity of our Lord,
That Resource Team

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