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Need a Sweet Little Gift for Children to Make for Just About Anyone on Their List? We've Got Just the Thing!!

Hot Chocolate always brings smiles and this gift will too!!

Homemade gifts can be so neat to make, unfortunately they are not always as fun to receive.  We sometimes even have to quietly ask ourselves, "What is it?"  We are sure that you won't have that trouble with our cute fun homemade gift today.

We are so excited to be sharing one of the most popular gifts on our "to make for others" list.  It is a neat little gift idea that will hopefully teach a bit about the meaning of being a Christian as well as be a very yummy winter treat. Similar projects have gone round the Internet, but we wanted ours to be God centered and very easy to make with your children. 

So, we created Wisdom From a Snowman for your Christmas gift giving and stocking stuffing needs.

You will need the following items for each gift you want to make:

Our Wisdom From a Snowman download, printed out, 1 per gift
1 candy cane
1 chocolate kiss
1 pre-made packet of hot chocolate
5 mini-marshmallows
1 small cinnamon heart or candy heart
clear scotch tape  - double sided is best although single sided clear tape will work too, but will show on the finished product.

To Do:

1.  Print out the file.

2.  Cut out only on outer lines, as pictured at left.

3.  Fold to make a pocket and tape closed with your clear tape.  Use double sided on the inside of the flaps or single sided tape on the outside of the packet.  We don't recommend using glue as you are enclosing food in the packet.

4.  Write the info on the "To" and "From" lines.

5.  Enclose all of the confections in the packet and seal shut with double or single sided tape.

Throw these little goodies into stockings or place them in a mug and wrap in a cellophane bag for an adult gift.

Click Here to download the Wisdom From a Snowman file now.

 Making Christmas Memories Last a Lifetime

Spending time together is the key to making Christmas memories.  Weather you are making candy houses, wrapping presents, attending church services, visiting relatives, decorating the tree or singing carols together - it's all about making the lasting memories that will stay with us for our lifetime.  Jesus came to save us from our sins and redeem us for His Father, but He couldn't convey the message of salvation and the kingdom of Heaven if He didn't actually spend time preaching, teaching, talking, visiting and being in the company of those who needed Him most.  He had to BE WITH US.  Christmas calls us to be with each other in His honour.

Read and reflect today on Psalm 133:1, "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity."


That Resource Team

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