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Christmas Themed Writing Resources to Encourage Your Learner

Writing art narration cards help build writing, drawing, penmanship and language arts skills all at the same time.

This style of resource is fast becoming a favorite in our home and it seems many of your homes as well.  Built on the ideas of the Charlotte Mason (CM) method of learning, these little sheets turn into art cards while promoting creative writing using picture prompts.  A portion of a picture is provided.  Children finish off the picture using their art skills and just about any medium they prefer - pencils, crayons, markers.  They then write about the action in the picture they created or some other aspect about the picture - setting details, plot, character details.  This activity can also be done in reverse order as well.  You could ask the learner to write a paragraph about the graphic provided and then have them finish the picture based on what they have written. 

Completed pictures can be shared amongst siblings or learners.  They could play games like guess what`s going on in the picture or try and guess what a good title may be for the card based on the writing or illustrations or both.  If your child does a set of cards, they can be stacked and bound on the left using brads, rings, a folder, comb bind spine, or even hand sewn with red or green yarn using holes from a hand punch.  It`s all about the skill building, fun and fellowship that can be gotten from a few sheets of paper.

We hope that this helps with your schooling and skill building in some way.

Click HERE to see our entire collection of Narration Art Cards including two separate Christmas sets.  One smaller set features black and white more vintage style images and the other brand new set of 25 sheets features colour images.

Today`s Reflective Thought - Being a Good Ambassador for our Lord

Many wonder why we would do such a thing as make resources and give them away, no strings attached, to other homeschooling families, catechists, educators, and teachers.  To explain, we simply share this daily antiphon for the Magnificat with you:

Behold, the King will come, the Lord of the earth,
and He will remove from us the yoke of our captivity.

I always explain to our children and those in my CCD classes that once we are marked with the sign of Christ, we become like His special ambassadors.  When we put on a chain with a crucifix or cross, we publicly mark ourselves as Christians and Catholics whether we are in church, in learning time, or in the line at the grocery store - we represent our Lord.  As ambassadors for our Lord, it is our job to help carry out His mission. 

The antiphon above reminds us that our Lord comes to remove the burden of sins, trials and hardships from our shoulders as He offers to put them onto His own.  Following as closely as we can to our Lord, we try to take the burden of finding good homeschooling resources off of your shoulders and put it upon on our own.  As part of our online ministry, we try to create resources that can help those who are Catholic or Christian but also call to the hearts of those who do not yet know our Lord.  We offer kind support to newbies, those worn out from homeschooling, as well as those who love homeschooling.  We don`t offer a full curriculum - not yet, - but it`s nice to know my Master`s degree in education isn`t going to waste even as I meet virtually and physically with homeschoolers looking for help, advice, or just a listening ear.

As you don your chains with crosses and crucifixes to leave your home and mark yourself as a follower and believer, I challenge you to remember that you are an ambassador for our Lord.  Keep this awesome thought in mind, YOU may be the ONLY representative for our Lord that someone who doesn`t know Him may meet. WOW!!  What an awesome job we have.  This is why we do what we do.  We want to be the best ambassador for our Lord that we can be, even for someone who doesn`t know Him yet. :)

Please keep us and our ministry in your prayers!!


Kalei - That Resource Team

Feel free to contact me through our website HERE.

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