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New Science Detective Sheet for Kids

Learning about land animals just got an even bigger smile. :)

Many homeschool moms and teachers have commented about how much they like our Science Detective sheets. They are bright, colourful, and very engaging for many different aged children. We currently offer a Plant Science Detective, Aquatic Animal Science Detective, and a Jr. Ocean Animal Detective Sheet for slightly younger learners. We have now added another Detective to the scene . . . The Land Animal Detective!

This sheet is fun and easy to use for any land animal. Basic information is required of learners which could be found in almost any good animal reference book or encyclopedia. We have designed this sheet, like our other science worksheet resources, to be used with almost any resource you may have on hand at home or can acquire from your library or online.

Sheets require a picture of the animal which can be either drawn in or pasted in, basic size info as well as info about eating habits, habitats, and more. Our kids really love using these sheets. We hope yours will too!

Click Here to visit our science worksheets main page and see our collection of Science Detective Sheets.


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