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New Worksheets for Our Virtue Lessons :)

We have added new worksheets to all of our current Our Virtue Lessons
One of our favourite resource offerings on our website are Our Virtue Lessons.  These are our flagship lessons started it all as we couldn't find good, cute, fun, and Catholic learning resources to cultivate morality in a practical sense.  So, out of necessity (there is that idea again.."out of necessity") we started to create our own lessons.  Teaching children about virtuous living should be at the forefront of every Christian homeschooler's curriculum plans.  We created these cute, fun, and dare we say.."cool" resources to help kids learn about how we should live to glorify our Lord one day at a time. 

If you have never explored Our Virtue Lessons, take a peek and see how they work.  We think you will be surprised at the fun you and your child can have.  And yes, it really is all free for personal use and such.  Lessons include: learning sheets, posters, printable virtue cards, scripture work, reading lessons and book suggestions, discussion activities, copywork, learning extensions, and more.  We currently offer lessons on consideration, courage, determination, joyfulness, love, thankfulness, responsibility, and kindness.

PLUS... we are excited to announce that we will be uploading a brand new Virtue Lesson on Monday!!

Click Here to visit Our Virtue Lessons now and see the new worksheets.


That Resource Team

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creative and lovely as always. thanks.

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