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New Printable Friend Cards

Help learners grasp, in a very tangible way, how God created each person to be special and unique

God made each person unique and special in their own way.  Sometimes it is difficult to illustrate to children about God's gift of diversity when you have just a few learners in your homeschool, co-op, or CCD class.  Thinking in terms of curriculum, subjects like math or social studies many times will ask learners to interview or poll ten or more people to ask simple questions like what kind of pet do you own, how many brothers do you have, etc.  It isn't always feasible in a scheduled homeschool day to call or contact five or six people to ask what their favourite food or colour might be.  So we came up with Friend Cards in an effort to meet the need for lots of learning friends in your homeschool.

Simply download the friends that you want, print out the files, and fill in the cards.  Any age could use these resources.  They are fun to complete and leave lots to the imagination.  Friends are available in over 15 different options with five different backgrounds.  We have even provided a set of friends for learners to colour in themselves or draw one of their own choosing.  A photo of a real friend could be pasted onto the card as well.  Each set is available in Can/UK English or USA English.

Parents may choose to fill out the cards themselves and present it to their children completed to provide information needed to complete specific assignments.  There is ample space to add additional information to each card.

CCD USE:  As an additional activity to illustrate God's creation of man to have unique features, distinctions, and free will, these cards can prove to be a useful tool.  To use this resource in a CCD class or co-op setting, you could ask each child to fill out a card and then compare the information about each student on the board or chart paper.  This allows children to see how each person can be similar or different.  As an alternative for a really small class, you could have each child fill out a card for themselves and their best friend to have more participants and then simply compare and contrast the data.  This is also a great ice breaker activity for beginning of the year class meetings.

We hope you find these cards useful in some way.  They have come in handy for our family a few times already.

Click Here to visit our printable Friend Cards resource page.


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