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New Big Books for Narration Including Planning Sheets

Recall, Create, and Learn

As we slowly transition and update the resources from our blog to our website, we are excited to say that we have just updated our website to include our new collection of Big Book of Narration.  There are currently nine titles to choose from including such authors as Robert Louis Stevenson, Thornton Burgess, Hugh Lofting, and more.

Along with the narration books we have also tried to include a planning or progress sheet for almost each title.  This has proven helpful for our children.  They can check off chapters that they have read, narrated or completed and see and track their progress.  There is a space at the top for a reading schedule to be written in (i.e. read one chapter a week, read one chapter twice a week, read a chapter once every two weeks).  Whether you read and narrate or just read and orally discuss chapters, there is a space to accommodate you.  Just check the boxes that apply. 

We have included the sheets in an effort to help create more independent but organized learning.  This is working marvelously for us and we hope it can help you too somehow.  Stop by and take a peek.  Please feel free to share this link with other homeschoolers who use literature based learning, who follow a Classical Style, or who subscribe to the Charlotte Mason method of learning.

Many more titles are in the works and will be posted as we finish up books in our little homeschool and move onto more reads ourselves.

Click Here to visit our Big Book of Narration page now. 


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