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Modesty Definition F3 Piece

Flip, Flap, and Fold the fun in learning about Modesty

Most children love cutting and pasting.  And it's almost something you many never outgrown - just ask the scrapbookers, eh?  We hope the love of working with paper will call to the hearts of children to really internalize the study of the virtue of modesty.  Today we offer a four-flap square F3 piece on the definition of modesty which asks the question:  In what ways can I show modesty?

To use this resource, simply print out the file and follow the directions for cutting and assembling the piece.  Cut apart on lines.  Fold flaps to centre with graphics facing up.  Glue or write the definition in the centre square.  Discuss the flaps as you review the project with your learners.


You will need glue as well.  Younger learners may need some help with this F3 piece, but all in all it's pretty simple to create and all the components are one one sheet. Finished products can be glued into a notebook, manila folder, stored in small catalogue envelopes, added to another project or glued onto card stock.

We hope you find this activity useful and fun.

Click Here to download this 4-flap F3 piece on Modesty.


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