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Modesty Lesson Go-along - F3 piece - What Shall I Wear?

More resources to go along with Our Virtue Lesson on Modesty and still more to come!

Our Virtue Lessons are some of our most popular resources.  Many families drop us notes to let us know that they need, use, and love these lessons!!  Hooray for virtuous living!!  So inspired by a nice e-mail we received this past week, we decided to revisit the virtue of modesty in our own little homeschool and create some new resources to really have fun.  Join us everyday this week as we share new go along resources for Our Virtue Lesson on Modesty.  Let the fun in learning begin.

Today we offer a new F3 piece called What Shall I Wear?  This piece is designed to help children learn about appropriate dress to various places or when participating in various activities. 

This simple two page resource comes ready to go with instructions and requires a brad to complete it.  Children simply answer the question of "What Shall I Wear?" to church, to the beach, to a restaurant, to walk in the rain, to rake the leaves, to go to bed, and to play in the snow.  They can answer in words, phrases, or pictures.  This activity can serve as a wonderful catalyst for discussion of appropriate clothing.  It also allows parents to see what their children view as the norm of modern fashion, the examples of dress they choose to imitate, and so forth.  The door is opened for talking about modesty in swim wear and dressing to visit our Lord's house.  Glue the final piece into a notebook, folder or onto card stock and then hole punch an put it into a 3-ring binder.  (We put ours into our F3 folder which we hope to be able to share with you shortly.  We will include instructions on how to create your own F3 Folders for any project you may want.) 

This F3 piece is a fun activity that can be used by any age.  Some children may choose to draw very detailed versions of themselves dressed in outfits, others just draw the outfits themselves or individual articles of clothing.  For the very young, this may be a great opportunity to talk about dressing for different seasons.

We hope you find this resource joyfully useful.

Click Here to download the What Shall I Wear? F3 piece.
Click Here to visit Our Virtue Lesson on Modesty


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