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Life of Jesus Christ Notebooking Sheets - Part I.

Notebooking Sheets to Go along with the Life of Jesus Christ Timeline

Everyone in our house was excited about the Life of Jesus Time Line.  After we assembled and started using our timeline, We began reading and narrating the Knecht book at the breakfast table for the sake our littlest.  Our oldest needed more meat in the readings and so we began finding the passages in the Douay Rheims, which is our favourite version of the Bible - Yeah, St. Jerome!!  This gave way in a very natural progression to the question, "Mom, do we have any notebooking sheets to go with this?" Needless to say, we didn't have any, but we do now. :)

You can find now find notebooking sets that go with the Life of Jesus Christ Timeline project.  Each set is now offered as just one file with 12 page options per file to accommodate writers from K-12.  This also keeps the web page cleaner, as long as the files are not too big to download at once.  (Big files strain our bandwidth and yours too.)   We have almost half of them done right now in English (thus Part I. in the post title).  We are still working on the rest of the set but we thought we had better post what we have so far so that folks could get started.  There are a few extra event sheets on the web page that are not in the timeline project itself because we had already used them previously for our studies.  You will find that the pictures on the notebooking sets match the timeline pictures to help you keep organized. 

We hope to have the rest of the sets done over the next week.  We are planning to try and make a Spanish counterpart at some point as well but I know I won't be able to get to that right away yet. 

BTW - I don't need to tell you that the youngest asked me after seeing the notebooking sheets, "Mom, do you have My Mini-books too?"  Yikes!!  So I guess those will also be on the way as well shortly.

Please continue to pray for us in our ministry efforts to serve more families worldwide.

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Xhonane Olivas said...

This is wonderful Kalei!! I can't wait to see the Spanish version! Thanks!!

Gardenia said...

thank you. so wonderful!!

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