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New Mother Goose Mini-book Unit Study

Mini-book unit study makes learning about prose OR poetry so much more fun

It finally happened, we created a My Book Mini-book Unit study on the works of Mother Goose as presented in Mother Goose in Prose by Frank L. Baum.  We began reading this collection of stories aloud during the lunch hour.  Originally, we created the Big Book of Narration for this work for our older, poetry hating,  Our oldest began to fall in love with poetry as she learned about good moral behaviour and our youngest wanted to narrate something about the works too.  So, we created this Mother Goose unit study as part of our eclectic, Charlotte Mason style learning approach.

This unit study is fun because it allows children to express and tell back the details of the stories which they felt were most important.  This zipped file contains an instruction sheet, all of the 22 My Book Mini-books, the matching My Book Keepsake Pages as well as colourful matching cover.  The books are not prompted so that younger children may draw more than they write and older learners may write more than they draw.  Also if you do not have the book mentioned above by Frank L. Baum, you can simply use the rhymes as the catalyst for writing narrations or as little copywork books.

If you like this CM inspired style of narrative learning, you may want to try one of our other My Book Unit Studies on various topics including the saints, the human body and more.

Click HERE to download this and other My Book Mini-book Unit studies now.


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