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More add-ons for Our Virtue Lesson on Modesty and others

More goodies to bring Our Virtue Lessons to life

We are still updating and adding NEW resources to our current selection of Our Virtue Lessons.  Today we offer a few new things which we are making available to all of our current and future lessons very shortly.  Actually many lessons have been partially updated already. :)  Here are the new additions.

We now offer a Virtue Themed Reading Log Bookmark to help children track their reading of books related to the current virtue.  Children write in the date, title, and author of their current reads and use the bookmark to keep their reading spot warm and cozy.  Each bookmark is unique to the virtue they represent.  Simply print out, cut, fold and glue.  These go very well with our reading suggestions for each virtue.

The next goodie is a F3 piece for Bible scripture work in the form of a 4 tabbed booklet that is perfect for scripture based copywork or narration.  These resources are also virtue specific and a neat little accompaniment for this study.  These little pieces can be stapled or laid out (as at left) for lift able flaps.  The graphics help remind children of different ways to practice the virtue.  Each of Our Virtue Lessons provides scripture suggestions for children of varying ages.  These are perfect as a stand alone booklet or glued onto cardstock, into a notebook or folder.

The last thing we have just begun adding to our virtues is an Achievement Certificate.  Currently only Modesty has it, but the rest are on the way shortly.  We thought it would be a nice way to finish off each lesson undertaken with these bright colourful, fun half-sheet certificates.  They are available in one or two per sheet.

Many of our lessons already have bookmarks, F3 Pieces or other add-ons.  You will find them at the bottom of the lesson pages.  Please visit us again very soon or subscribe to our feed to find out when all of the lessons have been updated.  We hope that these little additions help to make your lessons more engaging, fun, and faith-filled.

Click Here to visit Our Virtue Lesson on Modesty.


That Resource Team

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