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September Worksheet Packet on Our Lady of Sorrows

New worksheet packet for September gets us ready to learn all about Our Lady of Sorrows

Michelle over at Thinking Love No Twaddle has done it again.  She has put together a lovely worksheet packet to teach us all about Our Lady of Sorrows during the month of September.  We thought we would give you a few days head start to September to make sure you can fit in this neat resource set.

This time Michelle has included so many goodies including a calendar of the month highlighting different saint feast days, an explanation of the Seven Dolors, a colouring sheet, a bit of Latin and more.  There are six sheets in all.

We are so glad that she has so graciously shared her time and energy with us.  May God bless her and her family always.


Click Here to download this September Worksheet Packet
Click Here to visit Michelle's page on our website to see all of her homeschool creations that she has shared.


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