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Dr. Virtue's Literary Check-up Discussion Cards

Cute discussion cards to help kids make connections between virtues and literature.

Purposeful reading can make learning easier and more rewarding.  Many times we read books for different purposes.  We read to entertain, to relax, to educate ourselves, to find particular information and so forth.  Children must also come to know that they can read for different reasons as well.  This can, at times, help them to read more carefully and pay attention to details in characterization, plot, etc.  In the case of our book suggestions for Our Virtue Lessons, we have offered a light list of books that spans different age groups that some how relate to the intended virtue.  Sometimes the books serve to show good examples of virtuous living and at other times they serve to illustrate poor examples that we should try avoid imitating in our own lives.  Our goal was to have our children be able to recognize good and poor examples of virtuous living in all of the books they read not only those we suggest.

We wanted to provide a fun resource that could challenge children to figure out the connections between the literature selected and the virtue they were studying.  We created Dr. Virtue's Literary Check-up cards, a simple printable discussion card set that asks children to give each book "a once over check-up" looking for key information that applies to their virtue lessons.  This set can accompany any of Our Virtue Lessons and helps children find and make connections between virtues and the books they read.  We ask questions such as:
  • Who is your favourite character in this book? Why?
  • How could you change this story to make it more faith-filled?
  • Who is the most virtuous character in this story?
  • Does this story glorify God in some way?
  • What things does the main character do or say that illustrates this virtues in some way?
  • What is your favourite part of this story?
There are eighteen cards in all that can be used with virtue study or with any book or literary discussion.

To use this resource, simply print it out and cut apart on the lines.  Laminate pieces for durability and longevity.  Turn cards face down and have the children take turns picking and answering the cards.

We hope this helps extend the joy of your reading time and bring more meaning to the books you share with your children.

Click Here to download these discussion cards in UK/Can Eng.
Click Here to download these discussion cards in U.S. Eng.


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