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Teaching Catechism Using Math, Dictation, and Art - Really :)

Teach the truth's of the Catholic Faith using math facts, dictation or copywork and art

Inspired by our faith and our children's love of drawing, we created this resource that can help children of different age levels begin to learn the unique and rich details of our Catholic faith while reinforcing simple math facts, practicing dictation skills (or copywork if you or your learner don't use this skill yet) and honing drawing skills.

Here is how this resource works.  Print out the sheets needed.  There should be one sheet used daily. You may choose to use a plain notebook instead of our sheets and that's perfectly fine.  (See same at left.)  Just use a ruler to create the margins needed. 

Announce the number for the day.  Ask your learner if they can think of anything from their catechism knowledge that could fit the criteria.  For instance the number four could prompt - 4 authors of the Gospel, 4 marks of the Church, 4 weeks of Advent, etc.  Give leading prompts if needed. Announce the answer, read the passage and then give a short explanation of it. This is an excellent time for catechism lessons to unfold. Don’t be afraid to take some time and really explain the truth of the faith. We have purposely included some vocabulary terms with which children may not be familiar.  Read the passage again twice for dictation. Read it through once for content and then a second time for them to write it out.  You could treat this as copywork instead of dictation using a blackboard, whiteboard or other paper. 

Next ask them to draw a picture that goes with the truth they just wrote down.   Lastly, ask them to either write the addition fact family for the number or the multiplication table that goes with it.

We have tried to include everything you may need to complete this activity.  This is fun and can be used as quickly or as slowly as you desire.  We have included multiple options for writers in our line spacing options.  We do this to accommodate as many learners as possible including those who are just learning to write, practicing cursive, or have trouble controlling with motor skills. 

(Sample sheet from our set which includes 6 different page offerings per file)

We want all children to know and love their Catholic Faith!! :)

Click Here to download this resource with an emphasis on Number Fact Families
Click Here to download this resource with an emphasis on Multiplication Facts/Tables

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You have such creative ideas, thanks for sharing them for free!! God bless

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