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Famous Mathematicians Timeline and Pieces

Learn about famous mathematicians in a fun and interactive way.

I came across a dime store find of a book called Historical Connections in Mathematics, Resources for Using History of Mathematics in the Classroom by Wilbert and Luetta Reimer.  Great find!!  It has colouring biography sheets, biography read aloud pages, and cool math activities.  I was so inspired by the fun possibilities for math that we made the book part of our learning year.  We then found the book, Mathematicians Are People, Too, Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians by the same authors at the library.  This book is perfect for Charlotte Mason narration! :)  Our daughter loved it and we decided to buy a copy for ourselves.  I began merging the two books for organizational purposes and came up with the the idea for a mini timeline for mathematicians. 

We will be adding go-along notebooking sheets to the website shortly to go with this year-long project.  We'll read the books one biographical focus at a time, do some activities for each, finish up with a notebooking page, and then put the corresponding timeline piece on the wall.

The time line is fast and easy to assemble and is made for small spaces.  (The picture at the left is a quick preview.)  You can use regular 8.5"x11" paper, although we recommend heavier bond paper for longevity.  Full instructions are included in the file. 

Print out the pieces in one file - there 18 scholars in all.  Print out the time line in the other file.  The cards could also be used separately for Montessori purposes or for card play.  Just print out two sets for Go Fish and Concentration Matching Type games.

We hope you find this useful.  We will also have a similar timeline for The Life of Jesus Christ coming out very shortly.  Just finishing up the last few pieces.  It is the perfect companion to Child's Bible History by Knecht.

Click Here to download the Mathematician Timeline Cards
Click Here to download the Timeline Pieces


Kalei - That Resource Team

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