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Life of Christ Notebooking Sheets Pt.II - All Sets Available in English and in Spanish!!

All the Life of Jesus Christ Timeline notebooking sheets are up and ready to go in both English and Spanish!

By the grace of God, I had a patch of time last evening to work a bit on more notebooking sheets to go with the Life of Jesus Christ Timeline.  My youngest changed her mind an decided to use the notebooking sheets instead requesting the mini-books so that gave me a bit more work time.  Perhaps at some point I will get to them.  Our house rule is generally that we make resources for our own needs and then share them with others.  Occasionally someone will request something and we try to help out if we can.  Thus was the case with the Spanish resources.  Xhonane over at Familia Catolica  offered to translate the resources and then I reworked them.  Thus we now have the timeline, timeline pieces and now notebooking sheets to go along with the Life of Jesus Christ Timeline in both English and Spanish.  Thanks, Xhonane.  You will find the Spanish links in red.

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Kalei - That Resource Team

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Xhonane Olivas said...

Thank you for the link Kalei!! and thank you for reaching out to the Spanish speaking community!! blessings!

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