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New Virtue Lesson on Modesty

It's taken a while, but Our Virtue Lesson on Modesty is up and ready to go!

We joyfully offer today's resources which help to promote virtuous living in our children.  Our beloved pastor constantly reminds us about the need for virtuous living in adults but also in children.  It is important for kids to know what is expected of them as Catholics, but it is also so important to give them the tools that they need to meet those expectations.  We hope that Our Virtue Lessons help parents with this sometimes challenging but always rewarding task.

Our newest lesson highlights the virtue of Modesty. This new lesson defines modesty very simply in a way that children (and adults too :) can understand its importance.  We focus on the respect for one's body, skills and thoughts.  This little unit also provides both positive and negative examples of modesty so that children can recognize both good and poor behaviour in themselves and others.  By recognizing the proper behaviour becoming of God's children, they will know how to emulate it and who may serve them as a good example to imitate.  This is so important in a world that seems to draw people farther and farther away from the Lord with it's materialism, self-centeredness and misplaced interests.

We hope you find this lesson fun and helpful - a little spot of brightness in your homeschool day.  We've included the following resources in this lesson:

  • Definition sheets with a cut and paste sheet
  • Printable prayer reminder card
  • Example of good and poor behaviour sheet
  • Incentive Chart
  • Discussion questions
  • Mini reminder posters
  • Aesop's fables to help illustrate virtuous behaviour in a printable, online and audio version
  • Matching trace copywork for the fables in both print and cursive
  • Aesop's Fables Montessori cards
  • Bible scripture references for discussion
  • Worksheets
  • Modesty craft project featuring the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Resources for the study of a few saints associated with Modesty
  • Printable reading log bookmark
  • Printable Achievement Certificate
  • Reading list and more.

Stop by and have a look.  Feel free to drop us a line if you find these lessons helpful for you and your children.  We look forward to adding another virtue shortly.

Click Here to visit Our Virtue Lesson Modesty now.


That Resource Team

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