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Life of Christ Timeline for Children

**Update** See our revised edition of our Life of Christ Timeline as well as our brand new
Life of Christ Timeline for Preschoolers. Available on our Resource DVD.

 Timeline on the Life of our Lord, Jesus helps learners get to know our Saviour

As we alluded to the other day, we have finished a project that has been on my mind for over a year now.  This special resource is perfect for any Catholic learner, young or old and is the perfect compliment to New Testament Bible study or Catechism or CCD classes.  It is a simple hands-on pictorial timeline for children.  Created as a go-along resource to Child's Bible History by Rev. F.J.Knecht, D.D. (TAN Books), this new resource has been a big hit with our children.  Although you don't need to use the book to appreciate this resource, it really is such a nice concise read with very easy narration points.  There are 39 different events listed.

Assembly of this timeline is easy.  Print out all files using standard size 8.5"x11" paper.  You can use either heavy bond or regular bond paper.  Cut out timeline pieces, arrange as given in the instruction sheet.  Cut apart timeline cards.  Affix three to a line in the order that they occurred.  A space has been left at the bottom of each of the cards to write in a Bible passage from the Gospels.  This is a perfect bible activity for any aged learner.  Our first grader is very proficient in finding passages in the Bible and I teach this skill in my CCD class for Gr.2+ Sacramental prep.

Sample timeline cards

Many times children or even those new to the faith find it hard to piece together all of the events of our Lord's life.  I wanted a way to help them work through the Bible, learn about Jesus, as well as follow the Mass liturgies in a fun and hands-on way.  I think that this resource will definitely help.

I hope you find this resource helpful in your home or CCD class. :)

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Kalei - That Resource Team


Amazing_Grace said...

This is great!!! :)

evann said...

I'm all printed out and ready to go.Thanks for breathing life into one of my old favorites, "Child's Bible History," and making it fun for the kids!

Sandra said...

You all are so awesome, I am very excited about this resource! The pictures are beautiful. Thanks

Gardenia said...

I'm loving those cards. Xhonane at Familia catolica is posting about your cards. Thanks. we'll love them at our house.

That Resource Team said...

I am so glad that many families are finding this resource set so useful. Xhonane at Familia Catolica has graciously translated the resources into Spanish.

Look for Notebooking Sheets and My Book Mini-books to accompany these resources coming in the very near future.

Kalei - That Resource Team

Anonymous said...

Fantastic resources Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

This site is so amazing thank you for letting me use it. I teach religion to deaf 3rd graders and the resouces you offer are very appropriate for them.

Felicity Rose said...

May God bless you for this!

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