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New - My Big Book Resources for Story Library of the Saints

New narration style resources for Story Library of the Saints.

So it has finally happened.  The My Book Mini-books just got a brother - My Big Book.  These resource pages are perfect for those using a Charlotte Mason style education or who have children who enjoy writing and retelling stories but really want to tell a bit more going chapter by chapter through a work.  Oh yes, and these pages have a spot for drawing too.  These were requested by one of our children and the idea turned out so well that we have decided to use it for much of our current learning. 

To use these sheets, simply print out, fold in half with the print facing out, fill out, and bind on the left side.  You can use a comb binder, rings, brads, or in our case, we decided to use a mini 3-ring binder.  It is so cute and works so well.  These are assembled very much like the PIY books we offer.  Each page lists the individual saint, provides a space for a birth and death date, a space to draw their picture, symbol or scene from the story as well as includes lines for narration.

Sample page for St. Andrew
The first work we share in in this new resource style is Volumes I-III of the Story Library of the Saints by Joan Windham.  We love these stories.  This work, which covers the life of 129 different saints, is out of print but her works are available from used sellers or some of the stories have been rebundled and used in such books as Sixty Saints for Girls as well as Sixty Saints for Boys by this author.

If you can't find the books, you may want to consider just using these sheets with other saint stories you may already have at home.  Unfortunately, these stories are not yet in the public domain.

Click Here to download Story Library of the Saints from A-E
Click Here to download Story Library of the Saints from F-L
Click Here to download Story Library of the Saints from M-P
Click Here to download Story Library of the Saints from R-Z

Other works on the way include:

Our Island Story by Henrietta Marshall
Dr. Dolittle's Garden by Hugh Lofting
Mother Goose in Prose by L. Frank Baum
Parables from Nature by Margaret S. Gatty
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare by E. Nesbit

We hope your older learners find these resources helpful.


That Resource Team


Xhonane Olivas said...

I am new at the Charlotte Mason style... I would like to try things like this, thank you for sharing your templates!

Gardenia said...

I love this Saint book, with a place for a drawing and then a story of what the saint is known for. Lovely. Thanks.

That Resource Team said...

We found over the years that following the Charlotte Mason style using narration to solidfy learning is wonderful in theory but can be a little difficult to put into daily practice once children transition from oral narration to the writing stage. There were lots of books we were reading but found it a chore at times to complete them. Monotony can set in with longer books and lapbooking wasn't really enough writing for what we wanted. These books seemed the perfect answer. You just have the kids tell back what they read chapter by chapter, story by story and everything seems doable again. They get to draw and write and everyone seems happier plus they get to see a light at the end of the tunnel knowing how many chapters they've finished or still have left.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely thank you.

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