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Printable Tales of History and Science for Older Learners

New resource for older learners who like history and science as well as the intrigue of mysteries.

Today's resource was written and contributed by Michelle Scott from Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  Granted this is not your everyday contribution for young learners, but older learners may just get inspired to learn more about Chinese History, life cycles, human anatomy, entomology, or criminal sciences.

This resource is provided in two parts.  Part one covers a historical murder during the time of China's Qing Dynasty and how justice was served due to information found in forensic entomology based on the work of Song Ci.

Part two includes more information on entomology, the study of insects, and how they can be helpful to forensic science.  She introduces such scientists as Franncesco Redi, Bergeret d’Arbois, and Hermann Reinhard.  You will also find fold able notebooking pages for Chinese forensic medicine.  Michelle has even included the answers to questions posed through out the worksheet packet.  These are very well done. 

Thanks for sharing, Michelle!! 

Click Here to download Part 1 of Chinese Forensic Medicine
Click Here to download Part 2 of Chinese Forensic Medicine


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