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July 2 - Worksheet set Little Liturgical Year July - The Precious Blood of Christ

July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood.

We start off July with a lovely offering from Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  This 6 page worksheet set Little Liturgical Year July—Precious Blood is quite nice as it gives a heads-up calendar of saints for the month, introduces children to St. Longinus including a colouring sheet, and presents the background of the Holy Grail.  She has even included some timeline cards as well.  Really neat!!  Thanks, Michelle.

Our children love using Michelle's things as they are packed with solid info and neat facts.  These would be neat for use even for CCD reinforcement.  There is always some aspect of art included too, which is really really nice.  Many Catholic parents forget just how important art can be in teaching the faith.  Art provides the validation of history.  There were no cameras, no videos, or even books as we know them in the modern sense.  There was oral tradition and art. 

From the Dark Ages and even into the Middle Ages there was no way to help tell the story of Christianity and Catholicism except oral tradition, direct oral teaching, and artwork.  Art in various forms, including stained glass windows, served to teach the uneducated and illiterate the content of the Bible and the truths of the faith for hundreds of years.  Even after Gutenberg created the printing press around 1439, it was a very long time before average people could afford anything printed - including a Bible.  Art study was and still is a very valuable and viable tool to use to teach our families about our Faith.

Click Here to download Little Liturgical Year July—Precious Blood worksheet pack.

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