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Learning Cards to Help Reinforce the States of Matter

Pictures + Text + Play = Smiles and Learning

Learning cards can come in all styles and sizes.  The best are those that really draw the user into the content or that prompt the child to reach for it over and over again.  Picture learning cards do just that.  Today we offer a set of  picture learning cards from Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle about the 4 states of matter - solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. 

These are your basic print it out, cut apart and glue back to back type cards.  Very simple to make and use.  Science themed cards are always great because they aren't all that popular on the market as say math or phonics flashcards and can be difficult to buy.  So here's a freebie set on the states of matter.

This shared resource prompts us to upload the F3 activity for states of matter.  We told you that we are necessity oriented.:)  Stop by tomorrow to get the States of Matter F3 pieces.

Click Here to download the States of Matter picture learning cards


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