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New History and Saints Notebooking Sheets Sets

Can you tell what we are studying in our little homeschool?

So we have added new notebooking sheets this week for the following historical figures and things:

Julius Caesar
The Roman Legion
William Shakespeare
St. Bridget of Sweden

Notebooking sheets are perfect for CM style narration or even short reports.  Each of our sets is available in 4 line spacing options and gives you a selection of whether to print it out with a picture, blank with a little space to glue a picture in or with a space for drawing.  These have worked very well for us.  Our daughter fills them out and then puts each in a clear protective sheet and puts it in historical order in a large three ringed binder.  It is very encouraging for her to see all the writing that she has done

Writing Tip:  The Power of a Coloured Pen

Children can get easily discouraged in their daily work at times.  This is especially true when they are making the transition to real writing or encountering new writing styles or academic subjects.  I try to make it a policy to correct in different coloured pens.  Rather than always using red, I constantly switch the colours daily.  This small little step helps ease tender little hearts or young perfectionists when pointing out of errors in their work.  Think of Gaudete Sunday - the third Sunday of Advent - when the pink candle is lit to offer hope and excitement towards the nativity of our Lord.  Even the church knows the power of changing things up, eh? :)  Just a little tip to share.  If you have a favourite tip to share, feel free to leave a comment about it below.  We always love to hear from our online friends.

Click Here to visit our Notebooking pages to see our entire notebooking resources collection including our newest additions in History.


Kalei and Hubby - That Resource Team


Anonymous said...

Again, great resources. You are truly listening to God by creating and sharing these with everyone. We really enjoy using them. I did notice all the links for the Super Sleuth newspaper pages are not working, and I didn't see St. Bridget of Sweden on your site. Thanks again.

Gardenia said...

I love all your various notebooking sheets -- for every occasion!

That Resource Team said...

So glad that you like the notebooking sheets. They offer such a nice writing alternative for lessons.

Thanks for letting me know about the links, Paula. I have fixed the newspaper.pdf links and added the St. Bridget of Sweden to the saints. I will be updaint the Faith notebooking sheets over the course of the morning. We hope to be updating our main green linkbar on the site in the next few days or so. :)


Xhonane Olivas said...

This is great! I notice yo have field trip sheets, they come handy to my family, we love field trips!!! This year we had 24!

Anonymous said...

Kalei, glad to help. Those Super Sleuth pages are great. My kids love them. Thanks again for all you do.

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