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New Big Book for Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare by Edith Nesbit

Narration ease for Shakespeare for Children

Today we are happy to share our My Big Book for Shakespeare for Children by E. Nesbit.  We had attempted in the past to do Shakespeare according to some scheduled curricula and it just didn't work.  We are finding that many of the books suggested on reading lists to be read out loud in CM fashion are just so much more fun and fulfilling for my daughter to read now instead of in early primary grades.  Now that we comfortably do written narration with ease, everything just seems to be falling into place for her.   

To use our resource, simply print it out, fill in, fold in half and bind on the left.We have included a space for copywork either from the prose version or the real version. (See below.)  We like adding a little something special to each My Big Book we do.

Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare by E. Nesbit is a public domain work and can be found very easily online.  This work is unique in that it presents some of the most well known works from Shakespeare written in prose form with children in mind.  They are quite enjoyable and make understanding the original works much easier.  It has even inspired us to read the original works afterwards.  The illustrations are old fashioned, delightful and feature children.

The book features a preface, a brief biography of Shakespeare, the works in prose, and direct quotations from the original works of Shakespeare which could be used for copywork.  We do not have a PIY version of this book as it would be too big although we use the printed version from Yesterday's Classics, which we love.  We own quite a few works from them.

Click Here to download My Big Book on Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare by Edith Nesbit.

*Make sure to stop in early next week as we will be sharing The Adventures of Grandfather Frog by Thornton W. Burgess both in a PIY version as well as a new go-along Big Book.  If you have never read this author, you are in for a great treat!!  He is perfect for children of all ages and essential in your Charlotte Mason library for Nature Study.  He will soon become part of your heart and home.


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