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July 9 - Little Beginners Learn to Count Set and Pattern Cards

Math fun for younger learners plus math pattern cards too.

Today we have some fun Montessori friendly math game style resources perfect for Pre/K to 1/2.  This Little Beginners Set 1 covers counting and writing numbers from 1 to 5.  This 5 page resource was created by Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle and it is great for visual learners or those having a bit of trouble grasping the big picture of math concepts.  Bright familiar pictures really help to make concepts clear for children.  Some sheets require writing and some are for reference, as pictured at the left. 

She has also included pattern cards to go along with these sheets.  Tangible pattern pieces really help solidify these most important early math concepts.

You could easily laminate these pieces and sheets and use them over and over.  The writing sample pictured below is a perfect example of laminating for repeated use.  This is a great money saving tip.  In her introduction, Michelle talks about laminating machines as a most useful tool and we totally agree!!  :)

And don't be fooled, many times even primary grade children can gain lots from one day or so of "seeing" and "playing with" their math.  Thanks, Michelle.

Click Here to download Little Beginners Set 1
Click Here to download Pattern Pieces


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