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July 6 - Spelling In Johnny Crow's Garden

Let's learn to spell the names of Johnny Crow's friends

After reading the story, In Johnny Crow's Garden, we began noting down all of the animals we found.  Although some of the animal's names are easy to spell, some of them present challenges such as whale, hippopotami (a plural), penguin, giraffe, and elephant.  We practiced spelling some of God's most glorious creatures using a few easy fun printable tools.  Choose to do one, two, all, or none.  One a day works very well for the duration of the study.

Johnny Crow Word Artist Worksheets
These are fun little sheets that our children suggest we create for this purpose.  To complete this sheet simply choose two animals from the list.  Draw a picture for each in the boxes provided writing (or hiding) the animal word in the drawing. Sometimes the kids like to hide the words, other times they like to make the word a focus of the drawing.  Lots of spelling practice fun as it could be printed off and used over and over again until most or all of the animals have been used.  You may also want to assign words to certain aged children too. 

Johnny Crow Animal Spelling Cards
These fun cards are great for word practice.  We printed out two sets so that we could play games with them including go fish - we played 3 rounds today, concentration, spelling bee - we had 2 of them today too by request, alphabetizing practice - you can have them race to complete this task if they are on the same learning level.

Johnny Crow Word Scramble Sheet
All of the children loved this activity.  The kids just reorder the letters in the title, In Johnny Crow's Garden, to create familiar words.  Younger children could create any sized words.  Older children had to create words that had 4 or more letters.  Lots of fun.

Johnny Crow Word Search Sheet
Everyone loves practicing spelling and reading words with word searches.  This one also includes an illustration from the book.  The children had fun looking for everyone who showed up in Johnny's garden.  Words can be found in all directions.

Click Here to download the Word Artist Worksheet for In Johnny Crow's Garden.
Click Here to download the Animal Spelling Cards for In Johnny Crow's Garden.
Click Here to download the Word Scramble for In Johnny Crow's Garden.
Click Here to download the Word Search for In Johnny Crow's Garden.

Visit us tomorrow as we highlight Grammar and Writing In Johnny Crow's Garden.  Don't forget to bring your crayons! :)


That Resource Team


Gae said...

Sos wonderful. I don't know how you are able to do this and share with us.
Thank you


That Resource Team said...

Hi Gae,

With God all things are possible - that's the only reason I can His grace!! Since we create rather than buy so much of what we use to learn with, there is always something new coming off the printer. We don't do much television or sports or anything of that nature and our family operates on a necessity system. If we need it now, it gets done now. The Lord knows that's the only way we can operate. For example, if I can't seem to find the time to mop the floor, without fail someone will break a glass or spill a pitcher of juice demanding cleaning right then and there. Many times what I post that day has been created only an hour before. I've learned to become very fast over the years with children standing over me saying that they need a this or a that for learning We just try our best to serve God through serving one another one day at a time.

We are so glad that you stopped by.

BTW - I'm still trying to figure out how you made those neat little saint wooden dolls. I couldn't find where to do that on your blog. I love those!!:)



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