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July 8 - The Works of Mercy In Johnny Crow's Garden

Good morals and virtuous behaviour from our fine feathered friend, Johnny Crow.

This was perhaps one of the best activities we did during this book. In a very classical learning style, we went through the book page by page and found all the instances and examples we could of good manners, virtuous behaviour, and Works of Mercy on the part of Johnny Crow.  These examples help to reinforce the Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.  All of that from the natural scavenger, the crow.  Who would have thought, eh?

Here are the examples we came up with to share with you based on the Corporal Works of Mercy.  We have shared the pages as they are listed in our PIY version of this work.  You may find more examples of your own during your discussion.  

I.  Feed the hungry
II.  Give drink to the thirsty
III.  Clothe the naked
IV. Shelter the homeless
V.  Visit the sick
VI. Visit the imprisoned
Vii. Bury the dead

I. Feed the hungry
p.47 - Johnny feeds his friends.  He even makes sure to call the penguins who are still admiring his garden.  After all that happens in the story, all if forgiven and every animal is accounted for at the table.  BTW - Did you find the mouse and rat with their little chairs? 

II. Give drink to the thirsty
p.38 - Johnny offers Cat a drink of milk.  In his wisdom he sees that by doing this simple act, chaos is avoided and his friend Mouse remains safe.  He is wise.  The little pictures on the surrounding pages show that Johnny is always thinking of clever ways to solve problems without he himself falling into sin.

III.  Clothe the naked
pp.14-17 - In an effort to make Bear feel more comfortable as he as has nothing to wear as well as prevent the Monkeys from further mocking Bear, he asks them to use their talents and make Bear some clothing.  This allows them to be put to use rather than having them stay idle and mock others.  He is clever and aware of how others are feeling in his home.

IV.  Shelter the homeless
pp. 18-19 - Crane is in need of shelter and Johnny provides it for him in the way of an umbrella.  Johnny thinks nothing of his own needs as he himself gets wet in the process to make sure his friend is kept dry.  He is a gracious host.

V.  Visit the sick
pp.21-24 - The Beaver believes that she is becoming ill.  Johnny Crow does all he can to ease her mind and suffering.  He stays with her even after she is out of bed.

VI.  Visit the imprisoned
pp.43-46 - Johnny rushes to visit and see his friends as they have been wrongly accused and persecuted by the fox.  He then does all he can to make sure that justice is carried out in their quick release.  In true Pope John Paul II style, our feathered friend forgives the fox and still asks him to dine with them at the table.

Thankfully, there are no casualties in need of burial in this story. :)

Try you hand at using the Spiritual Works of Mercy.  A bit more difficult but there are still instances present.

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