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July 4 - Join us tomorrow In Johnny Crow's Garden

Beginning tomorrow we will be learning In Johnny Crow's Garden

If you have never read In Johnny Crow's Garden, then you are in for a real treat.  This delightful children's story illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke is so rich with learning opportunities and fun.  Don't worry if you don't have this book, we will give it to you tomorrow in a PIY Book. (PIY=Print It Yourself)  Our version is perfect for little hands (and big hands too) and simple to make.  No fussing with printers or printing double sided.  We've converted it all for you to mimic a children's picture book.

We will be sharing all kinds of fun learning activities for various ages using this book including using the book as a work text - really, no kidding!!  Our children love doing this and we hope yours will too.  So please stop by tomorrow to pick up the book and then join us all week as we do fun things with it - language arts, writing, drawing, puzzles, and a few backyard surprises.  Who knew that a picture book could be so much fun...we  Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the book - it can come alive and be faith filled too. :)

Please feel free to invite your friends to stop by and come along with us too on this fun, virtuous journey.  We hope to see you tomorrow.


That Resource Team

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