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July 4 - Story Starter Art Cards Featuring People

More drawing and writing fun with our Story Starter Art cards featuring people.

Most children love to draw and ours are no exception.  Since the animal sets were so well received we decided to do more of them.  This time we focused on having people as the centre of the cards so that story writing could include pronouns quite easily without feeling forced.  We have selected people of various ages doing various activities so we hope that there is something to appeal to all learners.

These sheets are easy to use.  Have learners finish drawing and colouring the picture as many details of the setting have been left out then have them write a story about the picture.  Fold in half to create half-sheet cards.  Laminate to preserve.  Children have lots of fun trying to guess the plot of stories written by others.

Some helpful tips for using these resources may include:
  • Vary writing tasks by having your child draw a picture first and then write the accompanying story and another time have them complete it in the reverse order - write the story first then draw the picture.
  • If felts are to be used for artwork, have your child draw and colour the picture before folding the paper in half to avoid disappointment from bleeding ink.
  • If writing a paragraph is too difficult, have your child simply write a sentence or two about the action or main character in the picture.
  • Consider setting a time limit to the activity to keep a balance between the time for writing and the time for drawing.
  • If you are using this resource with more than one child at a time, encourage sharing by taking turns presenting the finished products when the activity is completed.  It is good for children to see how others interpret the same information in their creation of different plots, settings, or characters. 

Click Here to download our People Themed Story Starter Art Card set.


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