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July 3 - A-Z Quest of the 7 Continents Set

How well do you know the world's continents?

Here are our always well received A-Z Quest game sheets to help learners of all ages learn more about the 7 continents of the world.  This set includes one A-Z Quest game sheet for each continent and is part of our My Continental Adventure resources.  Simply find things (people, places, events, attractions, countries, foods, etc.) that fit with each continent.  List one thing for each letter in acronymic style play.  This activity can be played as a game or simply as a worksheet to complete.  We prefer to use it as a game.
You will notice that answers are not provided for most A-Z Quest sheets.  We do not provide the answers as many times there can be more than one answer and we don't want to limit players or stifle their creativity.  This also allows for open minded thinking and good research opportunities.  Learners can play alone or in teams and keep track of who gets the most letters or play for points using the point gauge.

Words Beginning With the Letters/Points

Total score for a fully completed A-Z Quest is 60pts.*
*Note: You may decide that extra points can be given for more than one answer in a letter. Establish rules at the beginning of each quest and feel free to make changes subsequent quests as research skills improve.

You may be asking yourself how effective and useful can this activity really be?  Well, try it yourself to  It's not as easy as it looks.  This has proven to be a fun way to cultivate research skills among our children. This activity builds skills such as:
  • Choosing appropriate research resources
  • Performing Internet searches
  • Reading for content or skimming for details
  • Using public library resources independently
  • Using an encyclopedia offline or online

 You'll be surprised at what this activity can do for your learners.
Click Here to download the A-Z of the 7 Continents Worksheet set.


That Resource Team

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