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Printable Calendars Have Been Updated for the 2010-2011 Learning Year

New calendars to start you on your planning adventure

It's that time of year for most homeschoolers and catechists - time to start thinking about, planning, and purchasing for next year.  As promised in our last newsletter a few weeks ago, we have finally updated our pre-dated calendars for the next learning year.  We school year-round here according to the Liturgical Calendar, but find that even we have seasons of organization and preparation.

We have updated the dates and some of the styles of the calendars and we hope you find them useful.  My oldest daughter kept on me to get the calendars done so that she could use  There's that necessity thing I spoke of before.

We have kept the plain b/w styles and changed the graphics on the weather and coloured calendars.  There are 2 new changes that I especially wanted to point out:

1.  A year at a glance 2010 and 2011 sheet reference calendar ( pictured at left).  I found that I kept looking for one of these kinds of calendars when trying to plan activities, schedules, or  mini-unit studies as well as at CCD meetings.  I put our little logo on them because I couldn't think of anything else at the moment, so that's what we ended up with.  I also like that it reminds me about what my task is daily whether at home or in the CCD classroom - to put the fun in learning.

2.  The Angel Calendars have been revised a bit.  They are updated with current dates to 8/2011 and are available in portrait or landscape but they also include a quote from a saint celebrating their feast day that month.  The quotes have been generally geared toward youth but are still good for us too.  The quote boxes are coloured according to the liturgical calendar.  Although some months have more than one season, the majority season has been selected.

Consider combining this angel calendar with a reminder event back page for a really nice little piece.  There is even a cover to go with it.  This is always useful for learners.  They can be stapled, hole punched and put into binders, or bound with a spine.  I have the cover and reminder page pictured below.

We hope you find these useful.  I also have new planning and organizing pages to share shortly too. 

Click Here to visit our Calendar page now.


Kalei - That Resource Team


Paula said...

Awesome ~ I was just looking for an all-in-one 2011 calendar!

Xhonane Olivas said...

wow! That is organization! How do you find time to do all that? Help please!!!

That Resource Team said...

So glad you like them. We find them quite useful and fun to use. Don't worry about the organization thing, eventually it all falls into place. Just follow the Bible's teaching closely on prioriting things - 1st God, then spouse, then kids, then others. And I would also add, become best friends with your spiritual advisor. If you've not read my article on destressing your homeschool life - take a peek. This is how we keep our sanity. ! Really.


melisa said...

just wondering where the updated 2011 calendars can be found. I can only find the 2010 calendars and my family uses these all the time. I printed the February calendars just find but cannot locate the same file since the updated website.

That Resource Team said...

Hi Melisa,
Yikes, sorry about that. Somehow as we were updating different areas of the site, we put up the old version of the calendar page. I have just put the proper version up again. Hopefully I will get to the new layout design very soon.


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