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May 4 - Plan and Plant a Mary Garden

Honour and Remember Mary Year Round With a Garden Just for her!

Have you ever considered planting a garden to honour our Holy Mother?  Perhaps this year you may want start devoting a portion of your yard, garden, or patio to honour Mary.  It is very simple to devote a little portion or a whole yard to the Mother of our Lord.  A Mary Garden usually has a simple layout, a statue of Mary as a focal point, and designated flowers that are linked to her - Marigolds (Mary's Gold) for example.

Below we've included our Family Project on how to Plan and Plant a Garden.  Simply follow the steps, print out the sheets, and use your own resources, library resources, or the Internet resource links below to select, design, and grow your own garden. 

Our Plan and Plant a Garden resource packet is designed to be printed out and then bound on the left with a three hole duo-tang, binder, comb bind spine, or hand sewn.  Almost all of our pages are in colour.  If ink is an issue, you can print out our resources in greyscale.

Step 1:

Print out the Plan and Plant a Garden resource packet in the Project Files section below to begin your unit project. Since this is a larger file, you can also download the resources separately under the corresponding steps below.

Step to Good GardeningStep 2: 

Begin going through the resource pack systematically with your children. 

Review the needs of plants using this sheet.  Visit any of the gardening sites listed below to help children learn about these details.  

Learn about the Steps to Good Gardening.

Using the online resources links or resources of your own, fill out the steps to good gardening practices on the sheet provided.  Hints are also given on the page itself.

There are many different types of gardens.  Use these sheets to help you learn about some of the many different types of gardens that people can grow.  Choose to focus on the Mary Garden page to help you keep Mary at the centre of your planning.  Remember that whether you live in the city with just a free sidewalk, out in the country with acres to roam, or just have a small backyard in a neighbourhood, there is always a garden waiting to be planted.  What a way to experience God's glory!! 


What Type of Garden Shall I GrowStep 3: 

Select the type of garden you would like to plant and plan a garden to suit your needs. 

Decide - What Kind of Garden Shall I Grow?

After you investigate the different types of gardens available, use this graphic organizer to help your child determine the best kind of garden to
plant in your particular home or designated area. Hopefully, you will choose a Mary Garden.

Use this page to help children decide what kinds of plants they would like to plant.  Do this page before you do the plant detective worksheets or in conjunction.  The purpose of this page is to provide a record of what is desired in their garden with their own art work to illustrate their wishes.  If you have a child that does NOT like art, pictures could be printed off the Internet or cut out from old garden magazines and pasted on instead.

Be a Plant Fact Detective

Print out one sheet for each plant that will be placed in your garden or for any plant that your child may be interested in learning about.  Information can be gathered using the back of garden seed packets, info sheets available from most all garden centres, books from the library or from the Internet.  See our specially selected links for kids below for more help.

Use this page to help map out your growing space.  There is also the opportunity for children to create a map key and practice directional activities.  Perhaps you may want to help your child develop the map based on a particular time of the day as an alternative activity.

Garden Tools WorksheetStep 4: 

Prepare your growing area and plant your garden. 

Learn about Good Gardening Tools
     Answer Page

How many gardening tools do you recognize from these pages?  With just some quick searches online or a visit to your local hardware or garden supply centre you can find out what each tool
is used for.

Create and stake garden labels in your planting area.  This activity gives budding artists another opportunity to draw God's glory.  Refer to the links below to help find pictures of your selected plant(s).  The pre-printed selections are the plants in our own family garden here in BC, Canada.


Track the Growth of Your Garden Project SheetStep 5:

Track the progress of your garden. 

This is a wonderful way to have children practice patience and also measuring with a ruler. at the same time.  As a side note, this can also be an opportunity for young mathematicians to practice graphing in another activity if you so choose by using just some simple graphing paper and different coloured pencils. 

Track the progress of a favourite plant with art.  You could also print this page out to do more than one plant if a child has more than one "favourite" plant that they want to track.

Have a really young learner?  This is a way that Pre/K+ can choose and track the progress of only one plant using drawing.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures with your little gardeners in their element.  Great to show proof of learning for SLPs and show friends and family too!! 

     Project Files and Resources

Select the resources you would like to use and download it by right clicking on the link and selecting "save target as."

Basic Files

(28 pages) This is the complete collection of the resources above.

Additional Online Resources -

The Plant Life Cycle
- This is a really neat resource for children to
view all of the parts of the plant lifecycle in a neat interactive way. 
The available lessons can be viewed using the interactive format or in a
whiteboard format as well.

My First Garden
- This is a really great site with lessons to do, to
read and such.  Designed for 4th grade it provides lots of neat things
for kids to explore on their own.  They have a neat little encyclopedia
of flowers and veggies as well.  They talk about gardening in odd
places as well.  Sooo cool for kids!

The Kids Garden
- This is a great reference site our of the UK for info on gardening and
planting with children.  Many different areas are covered including
plant propagation with children, attracting butterflies and birds to your
garden, pond life info and more.  There is even an "Ask the Expert"
section as well.  Not a lot of downloads but tons of great info. 
An added plus is its clean design and well organized pages.

I Can Garden
- This Canadian site has quite a bit of info on it for avid gardeners. 
They have a special "Kidz Corner" with lots of good articles and ideas for
young gardeners.

How Stuff Works - Types of Gardens
- Good reference for the types of garden
sheet above.

Mary's Gardens- All you ever wanted to know about growing, planting or
enjoying a garden devoted to our Mother Mary.  This site will tell you the history as well as the traditional flowers that are included in Mary's Garden.


That Resource Team

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Glory Be!!! I'm right now in the process of creating a Mary garden (in my mind). I'm purchasing a Mary statue and have read some good info on Mary flowers. your post is awesome. I'm printing it off to study it. Thank you!

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