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May 15 - Our Lady Match-up Game

What is your favourite title for Mary?
Our Holy Mother Mary is known by many titles. Many of them correspond to her apparitions around the world at various times in our history. Introduce young Catholics to Our Lady with this matching game using titles and classic images of our Holy Mother. Although there were lots of titles to choose from, we tried to select some popular titles (Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Fatima) as well as some lesser known titles (Our Lady of Bethlehem and Our Lady of Charity) as well.

Simply print out, cut apart, and match up titles to images. It's fun, easy, and a great way to study art as well as learn about our Faith. There are a total of 9 sets to match-up.

As a side note, this would be a neat little time filler for CCD classes as well. Many times in our CCD class we will take the last 10 minutes and put out games we have made and have children travel from station to station completing the games. This is a great review for reluctant writers or special needs learners who ordinarily wouldn't respond well to timed written tests.

Click Here to download the Our Lady Match-up Game.

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