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May 8 - The Hail Mary Put it in Order Game

Prayer is lifting our hearts and minds to God.  It can sometimes be intimidating to talk to God without a plan, that is why the memorized recitation of prayer is so useful for little souls and big souls alike.  The Hail Mary Put it in Order Game is the perfect little activity to help children become confident in saying and understanding the Hail Mary prayer. 

Simply print out the file, cut apart the pieces on the lines, mix up the pieces, and have players re-order them.  Pieces can be laminated for extended use.  This game is a great resource for beginning CCD classes.  Create many sets and have children play it individually, in teams of two or in other small groups.

Page 1 sample

Click Here to download a colour version of this game.
 Click Here to download a B/W version of this game.

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Amazing_Grace said...

I had my students do this last week and they loved it! :)

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