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May 28 - From the Heart of Mary - The Greek Alphabet and Symbolism

From the heart of Mary, charity makes itself known.  So too in the sharing of resources for other homeschooling families in this month of our Holy Mother. 

We are happy to present more in the A Little bit of Greek worksheet set generously shared by Thinking Love, No Twaddle. (Find out more about this mom at her blog.)  These resources highlight the Greek Alphabet (3 pages) and the history and meaning of the 3rd century symbol for Christianity incorporating the alpha and omega letters (1 page).  These worksheets are simple, clean, and easy to follow.

Thank you once again to, Thinking Love, No Twaddle! :)

If you would like to help grow our ministry by sharing a resource with others, drop us a line and let us know. We can post your resource, give you full credit, and enable you to reveal your Heart of Mary to other homeschoolers.

Click Here to download worksheets on the Greek Alphabet
Click Here to download worksheet on the Alpha Omega Symbolism


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