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May 19 - Mary Garden Math Game

Are you planting a Mary Garden this year?  If so, you might choose to put some roses for Our Lady in it.  You may even need to buy a flat of twelve seedlings or baby rose plants to put in your garden.  Voila - the premise of our math game!
Help young learners practice addition facts to twelve with this very simple game based around the theme of creating a Mary Garden in your own backyard.  Two to four players is ideal although any number could play.  Simply print out the file - one game board and set of playing pieces per player is required.  Cut apart pieces and gather two dice.  Roll the dice and put a flower onto your flat.  If the number is already filled in from a previous turn, the turn is skipped.  The first to fill their flat with flowers to plant in their Mary Garden is the winner.

Mary Garden Math playing board (left) and playing pieces (right).

Click Here to download our Mary Garden Math Game

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Amazing_Grace said...

This is really cute and educational too!!! :)

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