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May 26 - Our Lady's Little Garden Helpers

How much do you know about the legendary Ladybug?

Almost everyone has heard about the usefulness of our garden friend, the ladybug. But where did its legendary status come from? Can you believe, centuries ago in Europe. Grape crops were threatened by aphids so farmers began praying to Our Lady for help and intercession. In a short while, a swarm of over 1000 red beetles came and ate up the aphids. They were thought to be a gift from Our Lady and were so called in her honour, Ladybugs.  A gardening story that is sweet and faith-filled.

Today's offering is a simple little maze to help teach children about this garden story. Simply download, print, and play.

Click Here to download Our Lady's Little Helper maze.


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Gardenia said...

a great learning tool. thanks !

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