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May 23 - Mother Mary Poetry and Prayer Bookmark

We love to multi-task.  Actually that isn't true, we multi-task out of  When we create resources we try to utilize multi-subject learning as much as possible to keep our learners enthusiastic and engaged.  We have found through our experience, that many times our children will become overwhelmed with a larger quantity of learning tasks which in turn reduces the joy and fun in learning.  So we try to be creative not only in our approach to teaching and learning but also in the materials we create around our faith.

Today we share our new My Mother Bookmark resource.  Look at the learning possibilities in this little resource:
  1. This resource displays a beautiful image of our Holy Mother exposing her Immaculate Heart.
  2. This piece uses Victorian era graphics with flowers suitable for a Mary Garden (Roses and Sweet Peas).
  3. It teaches The Memorare prayer.
  4. It provides an opportunity for a child to write an acrostic poem about Mary, mothers, or their own mother.
  5. Oh yes, it's also a bookmark. :)
This resource is simple to use - just print, cut apart, fold and glue.  There are two per page and they can easily be laminated to create a nice little keepsake for years to come.

Click Here to download our Mother Mary Bookmark.


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Our Holy mother bookmark will not just encourage us to read but also to pray and to reflect. Having this on our books will make us realize how special we are.

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