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May 16 - More Mary Colouring Sheets

Here are even more Blessed Virgin Mary colouring sheets for budding artists. These sheets are from the over 300 Bible lessons available on our Faith Study - Bible Study Resource Page. Find links to either the Old Testament or New Testament near the bottom of the page. By studying God's word we can learn about our Lord, Jesus Christ, as well as His mother, Mary.  Although these Bible lessons were created using the King James version of the Bible, they are still a very useful tool for learning.  We were lucky to find these lessons and be able to share them with you.  Lesson packs contain fact recall, colouring sheets, puzzles and more.
To download and save these .PDF colouring sheets, right click the images, and click Save target as and then browse to the place you want to save it to on your computer.

Click Here to download the Annunciation Colouring Sheet.

Click Here to download the Birth of Jesus Colouring Sheet.

Click Here to download Mary at the Foot of the Cross Colouring Sheet.

Click Here to download Mary, Queen of Heaven Colouring Sheet.

Have fun!!
That Resource Team

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