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May 5 - The Mysteries of the Rosary for Little Hearts and Hands

We've created a brand new game to help little hearts and hands learn about the individual mysteries and decades of the holy rosary.  This game is simple enough for first graders to use and a great review for older learners and those new to the Catholic faith.

Simply print out the files and cut apart the pieces on the lines.  Separate out the main titles of the Mysteries.  Mix up remaining pieces and have players match them up to the appropriate Mystery in the proper order.  We have used this game successfully in our CCD classroom.


Rosary Match Game


Use our handy Rosary handout as a reference sheet for those who may need a bit of assistance.  This sheet is also good to use as a discussion starter or to help explain the richness of the rosary.


Download the Rosary Match-up Game Here
Download the Rosary Handout Reference Sheet Here


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Amazing_Grace said...

This is great! Thank you! :)

Gardenia said...

lovely. thank you ! also checked out your post on virtues. very wonderful.

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