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May 9 - Describe Mother Mary Worksheet

Happy Mother's Day.

Today's resource gets learners thinking about mothers.  Who says we can't mix religion, grammar, and fun?  We think that it is possible to infuse the faith into anything we study and grammar is no different.  Use this graphic organizer worksheet to teach about adjectives - words that describe nouns.  Using the picture Madonna and Child by Sassoferrato and the common noun mother, children can practice finding words that describe a mother, their own mother, or our Holy Mother.

This sheet, and others like it, are always a big hit with our children as they allow for drawing and/or writing of words in the ovals.  This worksheet can be used with any age group and is very well suited for use in CCD or ESL classes.

Click Here to download the Mother graphic organizer worksheet.

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Anonymous said...

EXcellent idea. I love the idea of integrating Our Blessed Lady into the curriculum.

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