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May 11 - Our Learning Flashcards featuring the Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen Prayers

Flashcards have been around for awhile but they have generally been used to help children learn math facts, alphabet names, or phonics sounds.  We decided to do something a little different to meet the needs of our trivia loving children.  We made Our Learning Cards bigger, brighter, and filled with unique info that makes the cards suitable for fact recall as well as for reference use.  We've tried to include many different learning areas, including our Catholic faith. 

Find our easy to make flashcards to help children learn and say some of the basic prayers of our faith including the Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, and Fatima Prayer.  Simply print out the .PDF file, cut out the pieces on the lines, fold in half, and glue.  Laminate for durability and stability, as pictured above.

Click Here to download the Hail Mary/Our Father Our Learning Cards set
Click Here to download the Fatima Prayer/Hail Holy Queen Our Learning Cards set

These cards are perfect to help children learn to say the Rosary - which is why we initially created it.  They are simple enough to create for CCD class use as well.
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