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May 12 - Set of 6 Madonna and Child Montessori Cards

Montessori cards are a great way to encourage natural learning for your children.  We have found that cards of any sort are always a hit in our little homeschool.  Download this neat set of 6 Montessori cards of the Blessed Mother Mary and Baby Jesus from various classic artists from different time periods.

To use this resource, simply print out and cut apart the six cards on the lines.  It is better to use heavier bond paper or laminate the cards to extended use.

Print out and prepare two sets to play a small round of concentration.

If you've never used Montessori cards before, here are a few ways that you can use these sets of cards:

  • Compare and contrast the people in the pictures - hair colour, clothing, etc.

  • Note and discuss the backgrounds in the cards or the positions of the subjects

  • Talk about the depictions of the Baby Jesus in comparison to your child's vision of what Baby Jesus would have looked like

  • Play concentration/memory games

  • Layout all six cards and mentally select one to use, then give your child clues to your selection.  Clues could include mediums used in the pictures, picture details, artist bio details, or time period notations
These are just a few of the ways that you can use these cards.  We hope you find them useful and a fun change to your homeschool.  Find more Montessori Art and Catholic sets in our collection of printable resources.
Click Here to download our set of Madonna and Child Montessori art cards.

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Gardenia said...

love love these!. I think I'll laminate them after printing them off. Thank you!

That Resource Team said...

Hi there
We're glad you like these!
We have others on our site you may be interested in as well....

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That Resource Team

Gae said...

Hi there,
I have just found you through Gardenia,
This is an amazing site you have. I have loved it and so to keep track of you have followed you.
Looking forward to visiting often

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