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What We Found When We Got Back From Vacation

Going away on holidays is always nice.  Coming home can be a bit of a downer, however, as we all accept that we will return to our normal everyday activities and then, of course, there is the laundry from the trip and such. 

Yesterday, as I turned on my computer for the first time in a week, I was completely delighted to find three new resources waiting for me to share with you from Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog.


Little Lesson on the Parts of a Flower
Sample Parts of a Flower Reference Sheet
Help the kiddos enjoy the summer flowers in your yard or on your nature walks even more with her Little Lesson on the Parts of a Flower.  This seven page resource is a great opportunity for the children to put together the parts of a flower.  She offers a few different ways you may want to use this resource either for mounting over and over or for gluing into your nature notebook for a one time use.  So cute and very hands on.

Click HERE to download this and other Little Lessons on Science.

Little Lesson Marriage and Christ as the Bridegroom Pt.II
If you enjoyed the first part of this lesson last month, then you'll want to download this second part of what is hoped to be a four series.   This fourteen page installment entitled, "Marriage: Hosea and Israel's divorce of her Adonai," is a great resource to use with your tweens and teens as you begin to introduce the true essence of the sacrament of marriage by examining the behaviour of the prophet Hosea.  Jesus' view of marriage is also discussed as well.

I love that Shell has included those little questions that force you to think about the content, deeply.  For example, she poses this question: 

"But does the fact that God made a "marital covenant" with Israel make any difference to how we should consider marriage in our own families?"
She then goes on to thoughtfully answer the question with relevant scripture notations and quotations.

As usual, you will find a solid text, Bible notations, references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, opportunities for discussion, and notebooking sheets.  I also LOVE the "Watch our for that Pitfall" notations.

Click HERE to download this and other Faith Building Little Lessons and resources.
Click HERE to see all of Shell's Freebies.

Little Colouring Sheet to Honour the Son and His Mother
For the younger set, Shell has also created a colouring sheet featuring the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary together on one sheet.  Very cute.

Click HERE to download this and other Faith Building Little Lessons and resources from Shell.
Click HERE to see our entire collection of colouring pages

Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us all, Shell!!


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