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A New Way to Teach About Creation

Creation is one of those topics that everybody wants to explore, but most don't want to dive into head first.  Fears of questions about dinosaurs, did we really come from slime, and how can God create out of nothing, can overwhelm anyone who is not prepared. 

So, to help you prepare to effectively and authentically to teach about creation to your children or CCD class, we have put together an F3 (Flip, Flap. Fold) Folder on Creation.  This is our first complete double folder lapbook style project.   The folder is easy to make and the printables are easy to implement in a classroom or homeschool setting.

Expect to explore the questions: What did God Create? Why did He create it? and How did He create it?  This inviting double F3 Folder focuses on teaching young Catholics about creation, introduces the Theology of the Body, ponders the uniqueness of our soul, reconfirms that we are precious to God, highlights St. Joseph, and explains the antependium.  This F3 Folder on creation includes just about everything you need except the prepared blank double folder and a Bible. An answer key is also included.

Find out more about how to make and use this resource by watching our video below.

Learn more about or download our F3 Folder to Teach About Creation now.

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