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Help Learners Remember Famous Scientists Easily

Some learners, young or old, can get easily overwhelmed by science.  Trying to remember who did what when and for what purpose can easily drain the excitement, especially if you are using a challenging prepared curriculum.  This feeling of being overwhelmed can show itself as apathy toward the subject as a whole. 
If your child is apathetic about science, perhaps offering a new way of dealing with information can help them enjoy or even embrace this very wide and encompassing subject.
To aid in learning science, we suggest trying Our Learning Cards for Science.  We have just posted 32 new famous scientists biography cards with many more sets in the works.  Downloadable in sets of eight, these cards allow children to fill in information about each scientist named.

The cards themselves are easy to use once downloaded.  Simply print them out, fill them in, cut apart and then fold and glue.  We like to laminate our finished cards so that they can be used for review throughout the year.  These newly added sets were requested by one of our kiddos who is using a very rigorous program this year for the first time.  We thought we'd try something new for her, but by week two the familiar, "Mom can you make me something for this?" was heard through the house again.  Somethings never change, no matter how old they get.

Click HERE to see our Famous Scientists Learning Cards.
Click HERE to see our collection of Learning Cards for Science.

I hope this helps make your science learning more enjoyable and less intimidating!




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